Rambling Steve's Technical Requirements & Stage Plot

Technical Requirements:

  • For a concert, Rambling Steve usually brings two Lefty guitars (one acoustic wood-bodied or 12 string resonator guitar, one steel-bodied resophonic National guitar) and his own DI.
  • The mixing board/desk should have graphic EQ and reverb.

Rambling Steve needs the following items onstage:

  • 1 SM58 Shure (or better) vocal mic with boom stand set to the front
  • 1XLR cable from the board to his DI and electricity for DI (100-240V)
  • Tall armless stool for sitting and a small side table on his left for resting harmonicas
  • Amp with clean channel-AER, Fender Blues Jr, Peavcy Classic 30 etc. set behind and slightly to right
  • 2 monitor (fallback) speakers
Email Rambling Steve if you have any questions concerning his technical requirements.

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Rambling Steve's Stage Plot